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What We Do?

What we do - garment factory

We can provide you a better quality and competitive clothes.

We have the complete production line and rich experience every production flow, it can effectively saving the cost of material and well-controlled the quality. With years development, a good cooperation and win-win relationship with various material suppliers can ensure we get the material on time and get the better price. We have professional knowledge of clothing, we can provide the advise to you when selecting material or accessories, it can save your time and maximize sales benefit.


We can manufacture all kinds of men’s clothing products for you. The following are the most productive products of our factory.

T-shirts – OEM

Polo shirts – OEM

Knit Sweater – OEM

Sweatshirt&Hoodie – OEM

Sweatpants – OEM

Jeans – OEM

Knitted Hat

knitted Scarves

In order to achieve sustainable development, enterprises must do solid work, with better cost performance materials and better processing services.

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Just to give better to our customers.

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Ironing For Clothing (T-shirt)
T-shirt printing manufacturer
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