Hydrophobic T-Shirt

> For ARLISMAN, technology and quality are our goals. In the field of waterproof T-shirts, we have repeatedly tested, constantly improved, research and development and search for fabric, customized style, sewing technology are very thorough, only to make more suitable for your multi-functional hydrophobic T-shirt.

Hydrophobic T-Shirt | Waterproof T-Shirt

T-Shirt Feature:

1. Strong antifouling, avoid the stains of beverage, sewage and other liquid etc.

2. Hydrophobic – Level 4.

3. Color preserving, the color won’t fade after long time washing. The fabric we used with 4-5 grade color fastness.

High quality Hydrophobic tees manufacturer.

Hydrophobic T Shirt Detail

ARLISMAN clothing factory has been operating for 21 years. It has high requirements for tailoring and sewing. In particular, a waterproof T-shirt production process needs to be more careful and attentive.

Hydrophobic T-Shirt | Waterproof T-Shirt

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Hydrophobic T-Shirt

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