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Environmentally friendly T-shirt fabrics

T-shirt production with 37% Biobased fiber

T-shirt production with 37% Biobased fiber

A high quality substitute for spandex, healthier, safer and environmentally friendly. Its technical performance is superior to traditional polyester or nylon T-shirts.


Why T-shirt factory recommend this fabric


As a good substitue for spandex, it can remain the shape for a long time and anti wrinkle.

Reduce pilling

Made with natural plant-based raw materials, the finished garment is soft and comfortable, with a smooth and delicate feeling that can effectively reduce pilling.


Cooling feeling when wearing, greatly enhance comfort.

Daily leisure

Fabric is good in shape, not easy wrinkling, with a sense of luxury in daily wearing.


37% Biobase fiber, with excellent elasticity, high tensile resilience and not easy to deformed.

Sustainable t-shirt

Reduce the influences to environment.

37% Biobase fiber are produced by plant-based raw materials, which means reducing the use of 37% fossil fuels, this is a major progress in the T-shirt manufacturing industry.

  • Biobase fibers are biodgradable, good to natural recycling and decomposition
  • Plant-based materials, the factory conducts sugar fermentation process to obtain Bio PDO, which has less impact on the environment when producing T-shrits

Fabric information

This Fabric Could Help You Start Eco-Friendly T-Shirt Collection

63%C+37% Biobased


“Long-staple cotton combined with 37% Biobased fiber, make the T-shirt more confortable and durable.”



“Original weight is 190GSM, preshrunk before cutting, the weight can be 220GSM, then make the sizes more stable.”

32 colors

Fabric color

“To meet satisfied the demand from market, as a T-shirt manufacturer, Arlisman keeps 32 colors in stocks fro your selection, with 1*1 Sorona rib. When qty over 1000pcs, we can provide dyeing service for color customized.”

Reliable T-shirt factory

Solution for T-shirt production

Professional T-shirt factory can meet the constantly changing market demand and fierce competition

Pay attention to the real-time changes in the upstream of the clothing industry, provide our customers with the latest support, provide competitive fabrics and achieve market differerntiation.

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Screen printing / DTG printing / DTF printing


Regular Embroidery / Embroidery Patches / 3D Embroidery


Customized labels, washing labels and drawstrings ect
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After 25 years of development, the factory scale continues to expand, processing more and more for international brands.

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MOQ 100pcs per color per design

As a t-shirt factory, besides the quality control system which summarized by 20 years experience of production and management, it also requires that each employee take seriously to work and details. Therefore, while strictly implementing the production quality system, we will conduct quality awareness training for employees at intervals to ensure that every employee keeps in mind the importance of quality.

First of all, you should have a clear mind of the positioning of your brand, then, prepare the designs of your products, send them to us to communication, to discuss the details and cost, that are the most important 2 steps.