Clothing Glossary (Standard)

Refers to the style of clothing Usually refers to the shape factor is one of the modeling elements.
Refers to the overall costume art effect that is made up of clothing styling elements.
The silhouette of the clothing backlighting effect.
Refers to a floor plan that embodies the clothing style.
Refers to a figure that shows how the body wears clothes in a particular place at a specific time.
That is, the garment pattern shape is decomposed and developed into a plan clipping method by using special graphs and symbols such as curved oblique arcs.
Refers to a line representing the change in sewing structure of a garment part on a garment pattern.

Apparel Product Industry Terms

Clothing produced in batch production according to the specified size.
Tailored clothing according to your individual size.
A garment made of a pure wool blended fabric for a fabric.
Clothing made from cotton/cotton blended fabrics.
Clothing made from a variety of chemical fiber fabrics.
Suitable for infants wearing clothes within the age of one year.
The abbreviation for men is the clothing worn by an adult man.
Referred to as women’s clothing is the clothing worn by an adult woman.
Children’s clothing for short is suitable for children’s clothing.
Occupational clothing is the clothing worn by clubs or industry members when they work in a social environment to display the overall image and to meet the movement requirements of workers in order to achieve the goals of the community.

Clothing Modeling Term

pointed collar / shirt collar / round collar / shawl collar / swallow collar(wing collar) / convertible collar / square collar / mandarin collar / stand collar(Mao collar) / round neckline / square neckline / boat neckline OR slit neckline OR off neckline / sweetheart neckline OR heart shaped neckline / collar stand OR collar band / lapel / fold line of collar / under line of collar / top collar stand / collar edge

set-in sleeve / split raglan sleeve / shirt sleeve / raglan sleeve / flare sleeve(trumpet sleeve) / batwing sleeve / petal sleeve / cuff / elastic cuff / double cuff / top sleeve / under sleeve

Insert pocket / patch pocket / insert pocket / double welt pocket / single welt pocket / card pocket / breast pocket / glasses pocket / zigzag inside pocket / patch pocket with flap / bellows pocket / accordion pocket / inverted pleated pocket / box pleated pocket / inside pocket

collar tab / hanger loop / shoulder tab; epaulet / waist tab / waistbelt / French tack / facing / flange / binding / tuck / flap

Clothing Type

In the United States and Canada, it is commonly known as a tank top and also wifebeater, guinea tee, or dago tee.

Divided into a round neck T-shirt and V-neck T-shirt.

Clothing Accessories

Details of the main standard clothing.