All the international clothing brands are find clothing manufacturers to produce their own products, they will not set up a large scale factory, only keep and pay attention to their own core, that is, the design department. This will not only save energy for sales promotion, but also reduce the pressure and risk of business.

This kind of garment factory mainly grouped in Asia, especially like China and Southeast Asia. But these two regions also have their own characteristics.

First speaking of China, China is still a global manufacturing plant, and is in the stage of industrial upgrading and adjustment. The infrastructure of the garment manufacturing industry is relatively perfect. Most of the clothing factories here have a long history, with the process of perfect clothes making and strict quality inspection system, which can be properly handled for some unexpected situations, so there is no need to worry about the quality and the delivery. Moreover, most garment factories are located in the surrounding areas of the fabric market. The distribution of cloth or the search for special fabrics will be more convenient and timely. The only disadvantage is the rise in labor costs, which has weakened the competitive edge of Southeast Asia.

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Secondly, in Southeast Asia, because of the cheap labor, the clothing factories here have sprung up since the prices for processing are relatively cheap. However, this area also at a stage of development, most of the factories are set up late and manufacturers are not familiar with the production link of clothing, imperfect strain mechanism and lack of experience of strain. The infrastructure is not perfect so most of the raw materials are still purchased in China.

In a word, compare with China, except the advantage of labor, the rest conditions of Southeast Asia are relative insufficiency.

After the rough idea of the garment factory, how can we find ourselves a suitable manufacturer? There are there ways as follows.

First, attend to garment exhibition. Normally, larger scale of garment exhibition will attracts some capable manufacturers to expand their business. These manufacturers generally have a mature and stable production chain and have a strong experience foreign trade. You can find such kind of manufacturers from the exhibition and will have a high efficiency communication face to face.

Second, search on B2B platform. Nowadays the network is so developed that many clothing factories have been popularized on the Internet. To find these factories, we can search for the famous global B2B platform like, and can search out thousands of garment manufacturers on the platform. But those manufacturers searched via internet with different level of strength, it need much more time for checking and selecting, and it also with the limitation of the communication efficiency.

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Third, search engines. The world’s well-known search engine search, more results and types can be searched from it. And most of the manufacturers have self-built website which with comprehensive information and it helps greatly in reviewing factory strength. For sure, it take time to checking and selecting also.

Fourth, search from yellow pages. You can search the yellow pages of a country in Asia, various industries info will showed on it then you can find the information you want. Actually, since no updating, the information on the yellow pages are too old, then sometimes you find the manufacturers you want from it but the manufacturers may have gone bankrupt, which will be a waste of time.

Above four ways can lead you to find the suitable manufacturers, you can choose the one you need.

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Remarks: If you search online, you need to know that each area have different calling, so you can try to search for “Clothing Manufacturer” “Garment Manufacturer” “Apparel Manufacturer”, all of which are the meaning of a garment manufacturer.


Authorship: Arlisman Garment Manufacturer

Time: 8th, May, 2018