The fabric we are introducing today is nylon (nylon).

Nylon was developed by the outstanding American scientist Carothers and a scientific research group under his leadership. It is the first synthetic fiber in the world. Nylon is a kind of polyamide fiber.

The appearance of nylon has changed the appearance of textiles. Its synthesis is a major breakthrough in the synthetic fiber industry and a very important milestone in polymer chemistry.

A. Advantages of Nylon Fabric

First of all, nylon has the same toughness as polyester, so it has excellent performance in tensile resistance and wear resistance. These characteristics also greatly improve the practicability of nylon, which is why many assault suits or waterproof suits on the market are made of nylon.

Nylon Fabric

Secondly, nylon has high heat resistance. Crystalline nylon will not damage the quality even in the environment of 150 ℃. Therefore, nylon is not easy to cause fabric damage due to high temperature during processing.

Excellent fatigue resistance is another major feature of nylon fabric. No matter how the fabric is stretched or folded, its strength will not be lost. It is very suitable for periodic fatigue applications, such as bicycle rims and escalator handrails. Therefore, the application of nylon is not limited to the field of clothing.

In addition, nylon itself is non-toxic and harmless, no matter in production or wearing, it will not damage the human body. In addition, nylon has the characteristics of easy dyeing and molding, which provides convenience for the design and production of clothing.

Finally, the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of nylon are more prominent. It can resist corrosive substances such as gasoline, alcohol and salt. Therefore, the clothes made of nylon fabric have strong corrosion resistance. Therefore, it can be said that it is a kind of fabric that is easy to take care of. Washing can be directly thrown into the washing machine. It can be said that it is a necessary clothing for lazy people.

Finally, because the price of nylon fabric is not high, so the price of this kind of clothing is not high.

B. Disadvantages of Nylon Fabric

  • The water absorption capacity is poor, in hot summer, nylon clothing will have a kind of dull heat, its wearing experience is far less than pure cotton and linen fabrics.

  • Nylon anti-static ability is weak, clothing static electricity is often the case, because static electricity is easy to stimulate the human skin, and it has quite big impact on human long-term health, so in dry weather when you want to wear nylon clothes, it is recommended to spray some water.

Today’s introduction of nylon fabric ends here. If you want to know what kind of fabric information you can email us, thank you!