Hello, we are a garment manufacturer in China that have over 20 years of OEM experience in this industry. The fabric we are introducing today is knitted fabric.

Knitting fabric is a kind of fabric that is formed by bending yarns into loops and looping each other with knitting needles. The difference between knitted fabric and woven fabric lies in the different shapes of yarn in the fabric. Knitting is divided into weft knitted fabric and warp knitted fabric. Knitted fabrics are widely used in clothing fabrics, lining, home textiles and other products, and are loved by the majority of consumers.

180GSM knitted fabric

A.Knitted fabrics are divided into warp knitting and weft knitting.

  • Warp knitting uses multiple yarns to loop along the longitudinal (Warp) direction of the cloth surface at the same time, while weft knitting uses one or more yarns to loop along the transverse (weft) direction of the cloth surface.
  • Weft knitted fabrics can be formed with at least one yarn, but to improve production efficiency, multi yarn is usually used for knitting. The warp knitted fabric can not be formed with one yarn, and one yarn can only form a chain-like fabric composed of one coil. All weft knitted fabrics can be spun against the knitting direction, but warp knitted fabrics cannot.
  • Warp knitted fabrics cannot be hand-knitted. Weft knitted fabrics have the properties of stretching, curling and detaching. Warp knitted fabrics have a stable structure and minimal elasticity because of the looping and winding.

B. Fabric Knowledge

  • Yarn Count of Knitted Fabric

Pure cotton yarn is a kind of single yarn or strand yarn with certain fineness and unlimited length, which is suitable for weaving, knitting, thread making, rope making, etc. Its specification is usually expressed in English yarn count, and the definition of NE is the length yards of a pound of cotton yarn. Calculation of count of cotton yarn: when the moisture regains is set, there are several 840 yards of cotton yarn with a pound weight, which is called several counts. For example, if it contains 32 840 yards, it is called 32 counts, and so on.

  • Classification of Yarn Count

Coarse Yarn: pure cotton yarn with 18 counts or less, mainly used for weaving thick fabric or pile and loop cotton fabric.

Medium count yarn: 19-29 counts. It is mainly used for knitted garments with general requirements. Fine count yarn: 30-60 counts. It is mainly used for high-grade knitwear and cotton fabrics. Best count yarn: more than 60 counts, used for high-grade cotton knitwear.

  • Normal and Comb

Combed yarn: refers to the yarn spun by combed spinning process, also known as non combed yarn.

Combed yarn: refers to the yarn produced by using high-quality cotton fibre as raw material and adding combed process to combed yarn.

  • Weight of Knitted Fabric

Generally, it is the weight of fabric per square meter. Weight is an important technical index of knitted fabric. In knitting products, generally speaking, the heavier the weight, the thicker the fabric texture.

Knitted fabrics are introduced here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email. Arlisman can also recommend similar fabrics according to customers’ design drawings or ideas.