As the center of global apparel production, China has a very mature system in all aspects of production and trade. There are millions of garment manufacturers around the world to choose from, and there are countless large garment wholesale markets that can directly take stock or customize clothing items. If your clothing sales business is just starting, do you choose clothing factory or wholesale market? As a manufacturer with 20 years experience in garment production in China, Arlisman Clothing manufacturer suggests avoiding picking up or making goods in China’s garment wholesale market as far as possible, in the case of conditions permitting.

clothing market in china

Reason 1: At least 80% are traders, not factories

Although most of the merchants in the wholesale market advertise themselves as factories, many of them are wholesale traders and middlemen who cooperate with factories to make profit from the difference. One of the most common points is that the delivery time is often delayed, which is caused by the fact that the merchant himself is not a manufacturer and can not control the actual order arrangement.

Reason 2: Language barrier, communication is not smooth

International garment trade involves the process of order details, goods export and import. Whether the trade is successful or not requires high English level of suppliers.

In the wholesale market, 90% of the businessmen is lack in basic English, which makes it difficult to communicate smoothly. Many details of the goods will not be in place, let alone successfully complete the order. After all, the export goods in China still need to prepare a lot export materials. On the contrary, apparel suppliers are usually equipped with English salesmen to manage international business.

Reason 3: Lack of understanding of international business

The wholesale market has been mainly supplying and ordering goods to Chinese buyers for a long time. It has formed a Chinese-style trading mode that is difficult to change (conservative, cumbersome communication, self-centered, etc.). Precisely this model can not adapt to the development of international business, such as trading methods, customer culture, which will bring some unnecessary impact on your goods. Ultimately, there is a lack of understanding and development of international business.

Reason 4: Asian Size

If your business is not aimed at the Asian clothing market, that’s a big problem to you. 95% of the garment wholesale cities are Asian sizes. They are not suitable for people in Europe, America and Africa. Although they can be made according to your scale, they are inevitably larger or smaller because they have little experience in making European and American garments and are not factories in the real sense, and the minimum order can not be too low.

Reason 5: Complex processes

Some merchants or suppliers use good cloth and sewing (everything is as well communicated) to sampling, but when you go to bulk, it is not excluded that they will use less than good cloth and do not wash. It is also obvious that the sewing technology is not as good as the sample you received. There are also some problems in production, if not a big one, they will not take the initiative to tell you the situation. So if you’re a freshman, it’s hard to avoid these situations unless you do enough preparation.

Reason 6: Medium and low quality

 If you pay attention to the details and quality of clothing and want to have more competitive clothing, China’s clothing wholesale market is 100% not suitable for you. Because the wholesale market is in the middle and low quality clothing line, it is still in the stage of attracting customers to place orders with price, and has not completely changed.


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