Label is particularly important for clothing brands. It can not only convey brand awareness, but also convey brand image.

Therefore, after the completion of the overall sewing of clothing, it is generally necessary to add its own clothing brand information, company trademark information, etc. to the clothing.

A. The ways to add the labels

95% of the clothing brands choose to add their own brand information on the inside of the back collar, mainly because the position is eye-catching and the visual effect is good.

Printed Label or Sewig Label

There are two ways to add the labels. The first one is print the brand logo on the clothes directly, the second one is sew the labels( woven label/ printed label) on the inside on the back collar. The following mainly introduces how to choose the suitable way and the advantages and disadvantages of them.

Printed Label or Sewig Label

B. How to choose the label

If you are a clothing brand at the beginning and have a short contact with the clothing industry, as a manufacturer of high-quality clothing industry, you will be advised to choose printed marks or sewing label according to the fabric of the clothing.

If the fabric you choose is pure cotton or smooth fabric, it is generally recommended to print your brand information on the clothes directly. On the contrary, if the fabric you choose was peached, then printed marks will not suitable to your clothes because to much plush on the surface of the fabric. Then you only can choose sewing labels for your clothes, and we will ask label manufacturers to produce your own labels and sewing on the collar of the back.

Of course, the final choice of which process to add your brand label depends on your own will. You can make a decision based on the opinions of the factory, or you are an experienced brand manufacturer, which can be decided directly by yourself.

C. Printed marks VS Sewing label

The advantages of printed marks
1. It is directly printed on the inner side of the cloth, and it is flat with the cloth. When it is worn in direct contact with the skin, it will not have the bad feeling of pricking the skin and improve the wearing feeling
2. No need to worry about the labels falling off due to poor sewing when using the printed marks.
3. The minimum order quantity is not high, the minimum 100 pieces of clothes can be used to printed marks, without any extra cost; on the contrary, if choose the sewing labels, the minimum customized quantity is 1000pcs, if only 100 pieces of clothes are made, you need to bear the cost of the remaining 900 labels.

The disadvantages of printed marks
1. The label will be faded after 1 years wearing
2. Compared with sewing labels, the visual effect of printed label is mediocre and has no three-dimensional sense.
3. Simply color
4. The fabric is required to be flat and smooth, with limitations in use.

The advantages of sewing labels
1. Customized labels, it can be wove or printed your logo on it
2. Logo color can be diversified
3. It can be stitched on each fabrics

The disadvantages of sewing labels
1. The MOQ is high, at least 1000. If only 100 clothes are made, only one tenth of the labels are used. The rest will be reserved for the next batch of orders or wasted.
2. Easy to fall off if with bad sewing
3. Because it is not fit with the cloth, it is very likely that there will be discomfort of skin pricking in direct contact with the skin clothing.
4. In sewing process, there will be traces of sewing thread outside the back collar. If the fabric is too thin, it may wrinkle the fabric together.